Our company is the producer of a number of products well known in the market, however, due to our Non Disclosure Agreement, we are obliged to not disclose these products

Our company respects the NDAs we have with our customers strictly and will protect our clients brand and fomulation from being copied or exposed.

Our company produces your product, this includes ensuring :

  • The product is produced efficiently and hygienely and based on the fomulation that you had approved.
  • If you do not have any fomulation, we will assist you in the product development
  • It is halal certified by JAKIM
  • The nutritional facts are produced by a certified lab approved by the Ministry of Health , Malaysia.
  • Your company produce your labels/stickers using your brand, however we will assist in ensuring your labelling requirements are in accordance to the requirements of Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
  • Bar codes, expiry date, batch numbers will all be in accordance to the Food Act
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