A big number of the products produced by HAFi are specifically and strictly produced based the requirements, fomulation and packaging specification provided by our customers.

When a customer comes to have their products produced by our company, it may be necessary for us to provide them with R&D and product development services to ensure that the products produced will have the taste, texture, colour smell, size, weight, shelf life etc in accordance to the satisfaction of our customers.

We take product development seriously. This is to ensure the quality of our products are consistent, uniform with high level of market acceptance. Our product develoment starts from the selection of raw material to the processing of these products, and this is also by deciding which technology the products are to be produced right through to the finished products where the packaging is critical in attracting customers.

To ensure our products remain at high quality, ramdon samples of food products are selected periodically to be sent for lab tests for microbilogical tests and nutritional factor tests. Our Quality Control team as well as R&D team will continuously strive to provide nutritious , healthy and quality food .

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